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The most precious kind of wealth is health. When a man is sick and needs to do plenty of things one isn’t able to because of feeling unwell. Having a strong and healthy body does not mean a person is healthy. One needs to meet all the physical needs. These are the mental, emotional and social needs of a person. The needs are related to each other and make a person truly healthy.

Physical needs are a few that make a person healthy. Food supplies is one of them which gives the body carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals which are necessary for growth and development. Water is another physical need that helps the body process food into soluble substances that are useful, help in the circulation of blood and maintaining internal balance. Air is a physical need that gives life through respiration. In keeping the cells alive inhaling oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide helps. Clothes are physical needs that protect a person from external factors like heat and wind which may cause illness. Exercise is a need that keeps the body fit and strong to be carried out daily. This enables a body to withstand daily stresses. In keeping the body clean and free from diseases which may cause germs, hygiene will help. The body needs to rest in order to restore the energy that was lost. Shelter provides a place for one to rest and offers protection from weather conditions that are extreme.

Satisfaction of the mental needs also keeps a person healthy. Learning is one of them that make the mind understand and store information that is used in our everyday living. Someone can do a mental exercise like answering puzzles reading and drawing. This will aid in working and keeping the mind alert. Thinking critically helps a person see the pros and cons of a situation. This offers a deeper comprehension of the affairs of life. This leads somebody to make wise decisions. In thinking through many concerns, a person is helped by the setting of priorities. Mental rest and recreation give the mind relaxation. Through relaxing a person have thoughts that are inspiring and pleasing. This will make the mind to not be overloaded and be stressed. An individual can relax by taking a nap or playing with your favorite sport.

Emotional needs are the ones which are able to take care of emotions by giving the best attitudes. Security makes a person feel safe in growth and development. This is fulfilled through love, acceptance and attention. The sense of independence makes a person feel trusted and encouraged. This will bring a sense of achievement will aid in developing aspiration, confidence and determination to do things. Emotional connections make someone feel that communication can be held to another person.