What Has Changed Recently With Treats?

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Why Betsy Treats Are Good for Your Dog

Some of the loveliest animals people live with are the dogs. They are so friendly to people and are happy to play with them. Whenever pets are shown love; they are very happy. They love it when they are given attention.

Dogs do not feel happy when the owner gives them little attention. Pets love sweet things just as humans’ do. In the same spirit that you treat yourself, it would be good to treat your dog as well. It will feel happy like the way you do when you are given a gift. Giving your dog some treats makes it happier. The dog would enjoy eating sweet things too.

Your friendship with the dog grows warmer when you give it treats. That’s why you will see the pet jumping with excitement when it sees you coming. It has some hopes that you will surprise it with a sweet thing. In case you don’t have something for the day, it would be willing to wait for another day. When you have stronger friendship with your pet, both of you feel happy. In case you have a dog that seems to be less friendly give it occasional treats, and you will see a big change.
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Treats are healthy as well. Betsy treats are made using different compounds that are good for the health of your dog.It is therefore nice since you will buy products that will supplement the health of your dog. As such, your dog will grow healthy. These treats helps the dog coat to grow smooth. Nevertheless, not all treats are healthy. Some are just full of calories and can contribute to obesity for your dog. It is important to check how the treats are made and what they contain to ensure that you give healthy treats to your dog.
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Treats are also good in making pets cooperative. This is very handy when you are training your dog. When you want your dog to adopt a certain behavior, give it a treat whenever it does so. Next time, command your dog to repeat the same thing and give it a treat if it does so. Don’t give it a treat is it does not.

This will make it known to the dog that obedience is key towards earning a reward. This will show your dog that the only option available is to be cooperative. Several people who had once bossy dogs used this trick successfully. Even for dogs that are not bossy, giving treats help to make them easy to command and train. It is however important to give treats with moderation. Otherwise, your dog may decide not to do an activity that does not bring a reward even if it was supposed to do it.